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The National Vision User Group is an independent non-profit making organisation supporting general practices that use Vision, a Windows based software package used in Primary Health Care across the United Kingdom and supplied by INPS.

It was established in 1984 and is the oldest independent user group in GP computing. It is run by users for users and helps practices to get the most out of Vision.

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How do you make a script unprintable?

We all have had the situation where you want people not to prescribe a certain drug.[more]


Change slot-type in Appointments

Isn’t it frustrating when you have lots of normal appointment slots but no phone appointments. [more]


How can I check the status of my GPES Extractions?

You want to confirm that your QOF extraction is on its way to CQRS, but where do you look in Vision to check that?[more]


Changing consultation type/date/time

Have you ever started typing up a visit and realised it was being recorded as a surgery consultation?[more]


Recording Hospital Prescriptions

How often are you caught out by the patient being on a drug prescribed in the hospital and you do not have it recorded in Vision?[more]


How to check practice prevalences for QOF

Getting prevalence correct is very important to maximise QOF income - points are increased in value for practices with higher than average prevalence. Here is how you can easily look at your practice prevalence within Vision, compare this to the national average, and see how much your practice could earn for each disease area.[more]


Why does that QOF indicator appear outstanding in Vision+?

Have you got a patient who has an outstanding indicator in the Vision plus box, but it looks like they have had everything done that is needed for that disease area? There is now a quick way to find out why the indicator is not passing for QOF. At this time of year, it is vital that you capture as much QOF data as possible, so read on to find out how you can quickly find out why an indicator is not passing, so that you can rectify this before the end of the year.[more]


Confused about

NVUG Advice to members[more]


How do I search for all patients who are taking any strength of a particular drug family?

It can be relatively easy in Vision to search for anyone taking a specific drug item. However, it can also be useful to find all patients taking a particular family of drugs, independent of what preparation or strength. For example this might be useful for an audit of antibiotic usage. How can we do this easily without having to create a big list of drug items in the search criteria?[more]


Which patient did I just see?

Often in the business of the day we can forget the name of the patient we were going to do something for. Vision can help here.[more]

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