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The National Vision User Group is an independent non-profit making organisation supporting general practices that use Vision, a Windows based software package used in Primary Health Care across the United Kingdom and supplied by INPS.

It was established in 1984 and is the oldest independent user group in GP computing. It is run by users for users and helps practices to get the most out of Vision.

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National Vision User Group News


Managing Vision Guidelines

If your practice are active users and editors of Vision guidelines then confusion can arise. Which is the latest version? Who edited that one and when? How do I restore an old version?[more]


Reducing the cost of postage on individual letters.

For a while practices have been able to send letters to a group of patients either through NVUG's DocMailer application or directly through the CFH Docmail website. However there is a new application available from CFH Docmail that allows you to send individual mail merged letters for a reduced cost as well. As well as reducing the cost of the postage, you can also save staff time and the cost of consumables as letters do not need to be printed.[more]


How do I share a search with other practices?

Sometimes, such as for requirements of the current Scottish QP, it is necessary for practices to all run searches with the same criteria. But it isn't necessary for each practice to create the search themselves[more]


Preparing for the Vision Risk Stratification and Register Manager

For English practices the Unplanned Admissions DES is important and has short deadlines for completion of some tasks. Here's one task you can start on immediately.[more]


NHSmail update

Are you up to date with the latest news on NHSmail?[more]


How to avoid sitting waiting for Vision Reports to run

It can be boring sitting and waiting for a report to complete. Here's how to avoid that.[more]


Calculate quantity of liquid formulation required

Aren't the rules about amounts prescribed a pain? 200ml Fortisip seven times a day for 14 days. How much is that?[more]


Quick keyboard route to WebICE pathology

Are you tired of mousing around the screen to open up your web based pathology solution... ?[more]


How many patients are using your online services?

Here's how to search in Vision to see the number of appointments that have been booked via the online services, and also how to see how many patients have requested a registration token for online services, and how many people have actually completed their registration.[more]


How do you make a script unprintable?

We all have had the situation where you want people not to prescribe a certain drug.[more]

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