NVUG has been supporting members for 30years!

The National Vision User Group is an independent non-profit making organisation supporting general practices that use Vision, a Windows based software package used in Primary Health Care across the United Kingdom and supplied by INPS.

It was established in 1984 and is the oldest independent user group in GP computing. It is run by users for users and helps practices to get the most out of Vision.

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National Vision User Group

NVUG is 30 this Year!

The User Group was formed in the eighties when GP computing was a novelty. Of the systems exhibited at the first GP computing event in Cambridge, only Vision (then VAMP) has stood the test of time.

Vision’s strength has always been its flexibility, and this matches the NHS IT strategy that require a multitude of IT systems – health, social services, local government – to share appropriate data. Vision 360 and the MIG (owned by INPS and EMIS) will enable Vision users to participate fully.

With established government systems in place for NHS IT, the role of the User Group is increasingly focussed on system development to support this data-sharing and joint-working era, providing an informed and supportive conduit for user needs.

Run by users for users, NVUG ensures nationwide representation:

  • English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish;
  • urban and rural;
  • large and small;
  • hosted and with local servers.

The NVUG National Panel ensures that the system is not hijacked by a vociferous few focused on their personal requirements.


How do I get to see all the practice's out of hours messages at once?

Help! I'm today’s duty GP. First thing today, I want to see all the out of hours messages from last night. I know how to see those addressed to me, but is there a quick way to see those for all the GPs?[more]


How to reduce the risk of your Guidelines being corrupted

Unfortunately it occasionally happens that your Vision guidelines get corrupted when editing. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of that happening.[more]


Create a group from Vision+ audits

Have you ever looked at an audit group in Vision+ and thought "That’s nice, but I could do with a Patient group"?[more]


Speeding up Flu and other immunisation clinics

In flu clinics data entry needs to be both fast and accurate. Every little step to achieve these aims is an advantage when 400 patients are coming in on one Saturday morning. How can this be achieved? This tip applies to other immunisations too.[more]


What do Vision Apps do?

Vision Apps appeared in DLM 470.[more]


So where are Vision Apps?

Vision 'Apps' may well be on your computer but you may not have noticed yet! They came with DLM 470, but there is no fanfare for them on the home screen.[more]


My Day with Vision

A preview of a poster series to be displayed at the NVUG Conference two weeks from now: http://www.nvug.org/events/ The posters give dozens of tips about how to use Vision and other software and gadgets and procedures to ease your working day. Here is a preview of page one accessible to all. Members please login to download the whole set.


Faster Patient Group Creation

Patient groups can be extremely useful, but can take an AGE to save – here’s how to Turbo charge that process![more]


How do I get the most out of keywords?

Vision Keywords are fantastically flexible timesavers. [more]


Get your ECS consent status right

This is a tip for Scotland and Northern Ireland sites only that are using the Emergency Care Summary (ECS) and may unknowingly have background problems with consent status. This can prevent ECS information being shared with external agencies such as Out of Hours providers, even if the patient has agreed to this.[more]