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The National Vision User Group is an independent non-profit making organisation supporting general practices that use Vision, a Windows based software package used in Primary Health Care across the United Kingdom and supplied by INPS.

It was established in 1984 and is the oldest independent user group in GP computing. It is run by users for users and helps practices to get the most out of Vision.

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National Vision User Group

The National Vision User Group was formed in the eighties when GP computing was a novelty. Of the systems exhibited at the first GP computing event in Cambridge, only Vision (then VAMP) has stood the test of time.

Vision’s strength has always been its flexibility, and this matches the NHS IT strategy that require a multitude of IT systems – health, social services, local government – to share appropriate data. Vision 360 and the MIG (owned by INPS and EMIS) will enable Vision users to participate fully.

With established government systems in place for NHS IT, the role of the User Group is increasingly focussed on system development to support this data-sharing and joint-working era, providing an informed and supportive conduit for user needs.

Run by users for users, NVUG ensures nationwide representation:

  • English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish;
  • urban and rural;
  • large and small;
  • hosted and with local servers.

The NVUG National Panel ensures that the system is not hijacked by a vociferous few focused on their personal requirements.


How do I transfer files between AEROS session and local desktop?

There are several ways to do this, but one is quicker and simpler than others and not everyone knows about it.[more]


Is my Vision client software up to date?

The DLM update process is used to roll out software changes to Vision practices with a local server. But the new DLM does not necessarily update the local PC’s “client copy” of the Vision software. This may be OK for a while but if the local client version of the software gets too far out of sync with the server version then this may give problems. How can I check that my PC version is up to date?[more]


Discounted INPS training for NVUG members

We are pleased to announce that NVUG has once again negotiated a 10% discount on additional training purchased through the INPS Training Centre in Coventry. Details at


Batman and Vision: adjusting the Utility Belt

Robin to Batman (or registrar to trainer!): "I find the Vision guideline template for inputting urine dipstick results [or whatever] very useful - but it's a bit of a hassle to remember each time how to call it up from the general folder of Guidelines. What can I do?"[more]


Lithium Stopped

If you have patient who has had lithium prescribed in the last 6 months of the QOF year, but has had it stopped, this costs you money. But there is a way to avoid it counting against you.[more]


How do I improve my dosage instructions quickly?

Here’s a quick way to tidy up repeat prescriptions quickly, to get them to show the quantities, dosage instructions, Drug Class, etcetera, exactly as you want. And quick means about two seconds per drug.[more]


Defaulting 'Therapy' to 'Scripts' tab

When switching into the 'Therapy' tab in Consultation Manager, my view would always default to the 'Repeats' section. I thought this was how it worked – wrong![more]


How do I show that a consultation was a home visit?

I know that I can always tell if a previous consultation was a home visit – or telephone conversation, or whatever – by looking at the “Consultation Type”. But life seems too short to do that every time; is there a quick way that’s visible directly from the main consultation record?[more]


Spring cleaning

What can we do each New Year that will help Vision run smoothly and delete old information that is no longer relevant and/or using up disc space?[more]


Do you need an audit for an Appraisal?

Often colleagues realise that they "need something" for their appraisal and ask if there is anything you can suggest.[more]